10 May 2018


Next week I depart for one of my favourite cities on earth.
This is to be a special gift to myself having just completed a most challenging ten month journey.
With the return of breast cancer after a nine year reprieve and the necessary surgery and recovery period, followed by the awful chemotherapy and arduous radiotherapy sessions, I will soon be packing my bag and attempting to put these memories behind me and create lots of new adventures to feed my spirit and soul.

Firstly, I am so looking forward to joining other students from around the world
 in what promises to be a most stimulating week partaking in
"The Art of Street Photography".
This will be my third such course in Paris, but with a different teacher and eleven new class mates.

Then it is off to Flower School where I just know the flowers are going to be my idea of heaven!

Perhaps you might like to follow along with me?