14 August 2014

Burano ( part two )

The quaint and quirky island of Burano provides a visual feast for the travel photographer with its customary cats ...
... and laundry that seems to match the wall colour

... and then there are the entrance curtains with a variety that rather fascinated me - as the following will show!!



Even the occasional patch of peeling paint 
had a certain pleasing aesthetic


There are many attractive cafes and restaurants  

And when the day trippers leave and the light fades a little ...

I paused and reflected how lovely it is and how lucky I am 
I had always wanted to see Burano and I am so glad I now have ...

But it is time to leave now ...

On the last ferry boat 

 Arrivederci Burano

Across the lagoon to Venice
 with a great big sigh ...

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