09 June 2014

Venice is Still Very Special - if you plan it!

Travel tip #1 
There is only one way to arrive in and depart from Venice 
(in my opinion anyway) and that is by water taxi 
- sure, it costs you, but it is money well spent 
at 55 euros from the railway station and 120 euros from the airport(including tips).

It always puzzles me how travellers spend thousands getting to 
their destination and then go all "nickels and dimes" when it
 comes to making the trip a bit easier on the body,
 and certainly more pleasing to the eye.

Besides you get to ride in one of those fabulous old wooden 
speed boats, immediately feeling immersed in this unique city 
with a (usually) charming driver who knows where your hotel is 
and helps you to arrive in style.

I have also done it the other way, lost in the back lanes, 
searching for an obscure hotel,
pulling a suitcase up and down stairs and over bridges
 as it starts to rain - absolutely no fun at all!

Travel tip #2 
Try and stay in the best hotel your budget can stretch to 
- or even if you cannot really afford it, 
splurge a little and buy less "stuff" along the way 
- the airlines are becoming stricter about the excess luggage rule
and a lot of souvenirs are rubbish and made in China,
 shame that it is ... 

My room was not large, but had the previously mentioned view 
and a very comfortable bed with lovely crisp white linen 
and these cosy doonas.
Feathered lamp shades optional ...

I really enjoyed gazing out my window at this picture postcard view

I also loved hearing the gondoliers singing to their passengers 
as they glided by
- some were actually very good

The hotel had a teeny weeny balcony to enjoy an aperitif 
- and did I happen to mention the view?! 

More Venice to follow ...

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