16 June 2014

Could this be the World's Most Unique Bookshop!

On my recent photography walk in Venice my guide steered 
me to a very unusual bookshop called 
Libreria Acqua Alta 

This means something like "bookseller high water".

High water is the well known phenomenon that occurs in Venice 
in the winter when the tides and wind cause a large inflow 
of water into the Venetian lagoon. 

The eccentric, but most affable owner, Luigi Rizzo 
and his friendly cat Tiger

When the shops floods as it regularly does,
this gondola full of books, simply floats!

As do the scattered bath tubs ... 

 Love the humour in this fire exit sign

This charming Venetian gentleman happily chatted 
about his thoughts and feelings on the future of Venice

 I reflected on how intrigued my father, Jack Atkinson
 and my favourite uncle, Basil Atkinson,
 both journalists and keen readers, would have been with this quirky place.

 I guess this is one way to deal with all 
those obsolete encyclopedias in the world ...

Even the stairs are made of old and somewhat soggy books!

An unexpected and fascinating visit indeed.

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