18 June 2014

Across the Lagoon

When in Venice a visit to the glass showrooms on the island
 of Murano is almost a must whether you are in the market for glassware, or not!

Besides any excuse to catch a speedboat 
across the lagoon again...

It's pleasant enough to watch the short demonstration 
of different ways to make a glass ornament

Of course I wasn't planning to buy a thing, but as is often the case a charming salesman named Danielo convinced me in the nicest way possible that I would never regret purchasing some genuine 
Murano glasses and I could even pass them on to my grandchildren.
I am sure they would be thrilled !

So this is how it transpired ...

Joanna - "I am really just looking, thank you"
Danielo - "I did notice you seemed to admire this hand crafted set".

Joanna - "Well, it is fun and if the "master" could possibly replace the red glass with a turquoise glass and then remove 
the red band on the jug and replace it with the same turquoise?"

Danielo - " Why, of course we can and we will ship them for 
free and even sign the bottom of the jug with your name".

Signed, sealed and to be delivered ...

It is the only special thing I bought all trip 
and we actually do need some casual glasses ...

They even arranged their speed boat, "Scout", to whisk me over to the fisherman's island of Burano just in time for lunch at a charming little restaurant that judging by all the glassware,
 I think may have been owned by one of their relations.
 Surprise, surprise! 

These folk were enjoying a slow boat to Burano

Burano in the distance with the leaning clock tower

I did not complain about the choice of restaurant,
 as I was served the classic dish 
of home made pasta with a delicious white wine sauce 
and freshly caught vongole. 

A perfect finish to a busy morning.

 Now to spend the rest of the afternoon exploring
 and photographing the colourful streets 
and pretty squares of the delightful island of Burano.

Something I have really looked forward to ...

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