24 May 2014

The Spring in Italy Tour begins ...

Now it was time for me to join Elizabeth Agnew's 
"Spring in Italy" Tour.

For the next 10 days our group of seven women, plus Libby, will visit some of Italy's most beautiful gardens, many of which are privately owned, not easy to reach independently and therefore very, 
unique and special.

Our tour leader, Elizabeth Agnew

Normally I love to plan every detail of my travel and make the decisions, but this year, as my wise daughter insisted, I needed a complete break and a recharge of the somewhat depleted batteries.

As Sarah suggested I am to simply "stop and smell the roses" and 
I plan to do just that during this holiday in Italy.

It is time to relax and make the most of every precious moment.

Of course Libby has done the hard yards over the many years 
she has visited and lived in Italy.
She speaks Italian, is familiar with the culture, the customs and all those little quirks that give a country its personality.

This insider's knowledge also makes for a smooth and 
seemingly seamless experience for us setting off each morning on
 our new and fabulous adventures. 

Having complete faith and trust in your guide means we literally, can just sit back and enjoy the ride ...

Our happy band of travellers

If you love the idea of seeing a different side of this 
wonderful country,
 you too may consider one of Libby's Secret Italy tours.

In the meantime, perhaps you will check out what's happening 
each day on
 "The Daily Baguette".

Ciao for now - there's a new day to enjoy!



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