19 May 2014

Sunday in Rome

A day to myself with no commitments, no time constraints, 
no pressure - you know what I mean, that rare occasion 
when you can actually do what you want, be who you like and nobody knows, or cares.

Curling up in bed with a good book was an option, but the sky 
is blue and the sun is shining and I am in Rome for heaven's sake.

So tell the feet to stop whinging, of course they don't hurt 
and just start walking ...

Note to self here - it's most interesting that in Paris, 
New York, Rome, etc, you can walk, Joanna,
for 8 hours flat out, totally immersed in all around you. 

 I guess this is my own form of meditation and where some have the need to write or paint each day, I find huge creative satisfaction 
in my little bubble of making photos.

My tools, plus of course,the trusty iPhone 

I recently read the following quote by the influential 
American photo journalist, Dorothea Lange 

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see 
without a camera"

Mmmm, this is all sounding a bit of a new age, self help, justification 
of my tiny existence on this wild,weird and wonderful planet, so I will just show you the photos!

First a peek out the window to check the day and spotted 
this sweet little pup doing the same

When in Europe you can totally understand the logic behind 
the Smart car and the Fiat 500

And so starts a long, but enthralling day of sight seeing,
people watching and generally enjoying myself ...

I liked the fact these tempting loaves were left outside a closed restaurant and no one had taken the crunchy bit off the end - guess it was Sunday and God may be watching, particularly in Rome.

Hopefully the Count of Cavour would approve 
of being bounced off by a soccer ball

Pleasing to see and so close to the Vatican too

The River Tiber looking postcard perfect

Looks a bit like she is giving the Italian finger ?

Castel Sant' Angelo, or the Mausoleum of Hadrian, was built in 
123AD - 139AD(!)and was once the tallest building in Rome

 The main crowd had left St Peter's by the time I walked by ...

... and the new and popular Pope Francis had also been and gone

A somewhat precariously positioned chapel

Magnificent monuments everywhere you care to look.
Here is just a small selection of the historic feast 
on offer on a perfect afternoon in Rome ...

Then of course there are all those visual treats to catch your eye 
and stir your soul - deep sighs!

Lemons thriving in this divine cloistered private museum 

Love, love this! 

Sarah, as promised, an ice-cream just for you with the 
unique cream on the top that you remember so fondly ...

 OTT, but had to try one but now it's back to my favourite
gelati al limone  

 This is what I felt like after that ice-cream!

Love these long Spring days with the late evening light providing more time to discover, but now it was time for some liquid 
and a pizza 
(which was average - but not important - the  people were friendly and fun - much more important)

Salute , buonanotte e amore a tutti  xx


  1. Joanna, Your images are Magnifico, Magnifique and seriously Marvellous. Thanks for sharing your travel diary. Elizabeth.

  2. Are you sure that's not Miss Chilli looking over the balcony??? Or is it her long lost (very rich and well connected) cousin Chillisima? Ahhhhh Rome.....gorgeous as I remember!!! Quwacka Quwacka mama anatra. Biaco Le Le xx

  3. Are you sure that isn't Miss Chilli on that balcony? Or is it her long lost (and VERY rich) Italian cousin Chillisima???