27 May 2014

Lunch amongst the Peonies

It was another beautiful day and there was another stunning garden to be discovered on 
Elizabeth Agnew's "Spring in Italy" tour.

 The little town of Bagnaia

In our usual style we stopped for coffee on arrival

Villa Lante is considered to be a perfect renaissance garden and 
is one of Prince Charle's personal favourites!

We also thought it was quite lovely with its fine use of 
symmetry, water features and statues ...

This amazing stone table has a central water trough - ideal for chilling the wine and apparently used in recent times by the disgraced Silvio Berlusconi. 

 The Fountain of Pegasus

 Cardinal Gambara commissioned these gardens in 1566
 and this sculptural water channel is in the shape of crayfish claws(or gambero)- his heraldic symbol.

On to lunch at a perfectly pretty peony farm 
located about an hour out of Rome.


Divine, don't you think?

 Even more heaven on earth xx

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