18 May 2014

Il mio primo giorno a Roma

With no time to waste!
Landed at Fiumocino Airport at 1.30pm, off in the waiting car
(tip - a very good idea and totally worth the 50 euros)to the hotel, check out the view from my window, which actually opens(tick)
and quickly unpack.

No time to contemplate if I brought the right clothes and in particular the dreaded consternation over appropriate foot wear!

So it is on with the walking shoes and it's off and running in the quest to discover Rome once more.

I am staying in the Prati district,so it is an easy stroll to the River Tiber,cross the Ponte Cavour and head straight up via Condotti to the Piazzo di Spagna with its famous Spanish Steps.

These 135 steps were completed in 1725 and it is the widest staircase in Europe. They remain a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike to sit and contemplate the colour and movement of the glorious piazza and fountain(currently under repair)at their base. 

No Signor,I do not wish to purchase your "romantic" red roses, 
but grazie anyway.

It was all a bit frantic for me, so wandering off and looking UP, which as you know, is always a very good thing to do in the moment and in life in general,I suddenly became aware of the great history and beauty surrounding me and I had that travel flash when you breathe out and feel fortunate and grateful to be in a particular place on a sunny Spring day...ahhh Roma.

It's the architecture of course and for me,the colours,always the colours. Those muted,subtle tones ranging from the gentlest of pink, the palest of blue and sage green,of clotted cream and milky cappuccino ...

Adore this building and loved the shadow of the palm tree.

Sarah, I always think of you when I see these shades 
it's so your colour palette!

... through to the burnished brush of ochre,terracotta and rust,
 of dark chocolate and bottle green. Altogether too stunning!

It was just about here that the jet lag hit! 
Twenty plus hours of flying and no food or liquid since the plane.
(I hear you Wendalina!) 

So some antipasto and hydration and it's
buona notte e sogni d'oro from me to you x

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