04 July 2013

Les Enfants de Paris

Like children all over the world enfants Parisiens love to play in the parks and playgrounds often under the watchful eye of their nanny or grandparent.
During this stay I enjoyed capturing some happy moments of the young
(and young at heart)in various locations around the city. 

 This delightful grandmother was from Algeria and visiting her family in Paris.
They kindly allowed me to photograph their group in the grounds of the Notre Dame Cathedral. 

 Such a gorgeous family ...

 Dear little Salima, so serious and so sweet.

 This charming man told us he liked to introduce his little boy to new tastes - this one was pate de foie gras! 
I have noticed how well behaved and patient the children are in restaurants.
The theory is they eat three meals a day with one snack at 4pm (called gouter or a taste),so meal times are a time to look forward to - and savour.

 I often comment what amazing school excursions the children of Paris experience.

Although we did feel sorry for these little tots being dragged through the incredibly crowded and claustrophic Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.
Should put them off for life!

Much more appealing to climb all over the sculptures by Aristide Maillol in the fabulous Jardin des Tuileries on a lovely sunny day,vous ne pensez pas?

 Real life statues at play.

 I can only imagine the delight the conceptual artist, Daniel Buren must feel when observing his Colonnes de Buren in full use in the Palais Royal courtyard.

 Makes an excellent obstacle course ...

Can't you just picture him in ten years, chatting up the gals !

Boys will be boys, or les garcons seront toujours les garcons as they would say in France !

There always seems to be a ball somewhere ...

The Art of Street Photography starts early at the Louvre !

Appreciating the excellent street musicians must be a life long pleasure when you grow up in Paris ...
 except for those pesky, and not very good, buskers that frequent le Metro!

Who doesn't love a merry go round, especially one that is so pretty and over a hundred years old.
On my next visit to Paris I plan to find the Musee des Arts Forains which is a private museum packed with fun fair objects, including lots of very special antique carousels.

I wanted to join this group of bubble catchers on the little bridge joining 
the two islands in the River Seine.
Isn't it a wonder that balloons and bubbles can still delight young and old 
in this time of such incredible technology?

I love this photo! 
There is such a sense of freedom and joy about it.
Do you agree?

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