07 July 2013

Jeunes a Paris

The French word for teenager is adolescent and for youth it is jeunesse.
I always have some fun photographing this age group in Paris and what a fabulous and romantic city it is for the under 30's.

See what I mean ...

 Isn't she amazing?

 It is all about the shoes and aren't they colourful?

 It is all about the hair and isn't it wonderful?

 Model material in the making.

 A chat over a cup of coffee in a cafe courtyard - tres appealing!

 A familiar scene played out day and night all over Paris.
Oblivious to anything other than their own special moment. Sigh ...

 BFF's go window shopping at the Hermes store.
Yes, please!

 These bros were happy to pose and made me laugh out loud at the Trocadero overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

 Whilst the older people in the foreground of this photo relax and read,the exercise freaks against the wall at the rear, put themselves through a commando style workout, all in the name of physical fitness!
 Perhaps being more mature does have its advantages?

 Girl talk in the Jardin des Tuileries.

 Guys and their dogs meet on a Marais corner.

 A friendly chef takes a break in a Marais side street and offers me a happy grin. 
Merci beaucoup Monsieur.

 Pete spent some of his childhood years in my hometown of Perth and is now serving good coffee and tasty treats at the Strada Cafe 
at 94 rue du Temple 
in the 3rd arrondissement.

 Karaoke in the Paris Style! 
A microphone is set up outside the Opera Garnier for anyone who feels like stepping up for a session - what a great idea, plus some of the performers are really good.

 This budding poet had set up near the Centre Pompidou ready to type you a personalised piece of prose - the whole idea appealed to me.

 This cool dude was swinging it out in St Germain and the crowd loved it.

 Love at the Louvre.

 Aperitifs on a drizzly evening on the Ile Saint Louis.

 A mum and her mini me daughter ride through the Marais - no helmets, no fear.

And yes, people do go to work -  between their cigarette breaks !

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