27 July 2013

Dreaming of Blue Skies

Hugo, my six year old grandson recently told me he liked to daydream.
I assured him that was quite OK and in fact,I believed it was actually a most beneficial way to nourish the imagination and nurture the creative spirit.
I might have lost him at that deep and meaningful!

But I do find a bit of drifting off to far flung shores helps me survive a grey winter's day, or a yearning for yet another travel adventure.
"Settle Petal" I hear an old friend muttering in my ear!

Sooo, one of my projects for the past week has been to sort through my abundance of photos in an attempt to cull and file and create some order ready for my next venture( more about that soon...) 
Along the way I have enjoyed revisiting places like the perfectly picturesque Greek island of Santorini and it is where my day dreams take me via these images today.

Happy daydreaming to you too this weekend ...

All images by Joanna Brazier

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  1. Wow Joanna such lovely images!!! Thank you for sharing these - now i'm daydreaming <3