14 May 2013

PFP or Packing for Paris

Time to get the old black suitcases down again - not that I am complaining!
Paris is always a good idea as Audrey Hepburn murmured in the movie, Sabrina.

Imagine travelling with this gorgeous luggage even if it may be a titch over the allowance! 
Just love the shop front of Goyard which is located on rue Saint - Honore.
Founded in 1853 and still going strong...


  1. Bonjour. Funny, I took the same photo during my last Parisian visit... As I recall, there was a really cool sign above the shop too. A dog? Did you happen to capture it? Bon voyage if you go soon... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Bonjour Veronique and welcome back...
    Yes, I take all my own photos - it is such a photogenic shop front isn't it?
    I depart on Friday - lucky me.
    Do keep in touch. Joanna