21 May 2013

Mmmmmore Food!

What's not to love about a city that can  open a concept shop for just eclairs!
Yes, entirely eclairs and not any old eclairs at that ...

 Little works of art by Christophe Adam at just 4.50 euros each.

 This was my choice with its truly scrumptious caramel beurre sal flavour.
It was the BEST eclair I have ever eaten and I justified it by not taking the elevator to my photography class and climbed the six flights of stairs instead - is that how it works Michelle Bridges ?!
Please say it is ...


l'Eclair de Genie
14 rue Pavee 4th 

Open Tues - Sun  11am - 7.30pm


  1. OK, I am really jealous, it was enough that you had been at my favourite custard tart place but they look amazing. Delicious! I think you need to return each day to taste each type, walk there and then Michelle will be fine! x

  2. Michelle Bridges is over rated......eat eat eat!!!
    Le Le x