23 May 2013

Fun at the Eiffel Tower

You certainly know you are in Paris when you spend a few hours, as I did yesterday,at the Champs de Mars and the Trocadero.

The lengths some folk will go to for that photo with the Tower in the background!


Always love an old fashioned carousel- there are two at this site.

How many of these mini metal towers must be sold each day?

 This amused me for some reason ...

 Newly engaged and visiting from Indonesia, this couple certainly made a fun picture.

Sealed with a kiss!

This sweet young couple, Nancy and De, had great fun attempting to capture the ultimate picture as a momento of their special time in Paris. 
I will happily send them my photos too.

The Eiffel Tower continues to lure thousands of locals and tourists alike.
7 million each year, in fact!
And to think it was to be dismantled after the Exposition Universelle in 1889.
It was just fortunate that its huge antennae was considered so vital to French radio telegraphy.
Gustav Eiffel was said to exclaim that "France will be the only country with a 
300 metre flagpole"
That is some flagpole!

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