24 March 2013

Close to Home

This evening I did not need to travel too far from home to enjoy a fabulous exhibition at little Bathers Beach which is located next to the Port of Fremantle in Western Australia.

Showing until April 1st, I can happily recommend this special event for anyone who is able to get there ...
Sculptures by the Sea at Cottesloe Beach is certainly a much bigger spectacle,but with that goes the crowds, of course.

There are also some very creative exhibits inside the Arthouse - this one for instance is called Luscinus by Linde Ivimey and includes chicken and fish bones in its form.

Remember cassettes with all that tangled tape? Here it is used to great effect in a wonderful seaweed installation.

The paper plane taken to new heights ...


The Nest by Natalie Williamson uses mixed media and is quite stunning.

Close up of The Nest

It was fun watching families at play amongst the sculpture such as this happy bunch jumping off the jetty with dad recording the moment.

Isn't this lovely?

         Maid with my own Hand   - a bronze by Judith Forrest.

Horse Moves by Claire Bailey really captured my imagination and looked marvellous on the beach. It is as if they are exercising on the sand...

I loved the use of good old recycled corrugated iron and pressed metal - so very Australian.

Sea Horse by Jason Maxlow

 I must admit I thought this bridal couple did take the need to be at one with nature a bit too seriously...

 Shame about the dress!

                    Red Sails in the Sunset

And as the sun slowly sinks in the West another beautiful Autumn day comes to a close ...

21 March 2013

Dogs on the Blog

I read somewhere that there are 300,000 dogs in Paris - here are just a few of them !

16 March 2013

Paris Faces

It is just nine weeks until I depart once more for the city of light and I am already reflecting on the sights and faces I hope to see this time.
Such as these maybe ...


 I plan on returning to this very spot in the hope of finding the sweet man feeding his baguette to the sparrows again ...