01 November 2012

Pull up a Chair !

OK, I admit it, I am just a teeny bit obsessed with the cafes of Paris and in particular those wonderful rattan chairs.
For well over a hundred years companies such as Drucker, TK Collections and Maison Gatti have handcrafted these sturdy and stylish chairs, stools and tables that we Francophiles are so familiar with.
In fact, I believe, they would be right up there in the ranking of the truly iconic symbols of Paris.

The styles, weaves and colours make each model so individual which in turn adds such a definite stamp to the decor of the cafe or restaurant.
The natural rattan is woven with a material called rilsan which is derived from the seeds of the castor oil plant.
 This helps to make the fabric incredibly sturdy and maintain its elasticity even after years of intensive wear and tear. It also resists rain, salt and even snow!

Enough !
 I have hundreds more photos, but you get the idea I am sure ...

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