18 November 2012

Peony Post

 Living in Australia you could be forgiven for believing there is only one variety of the pretty peony flower.
Yesterday I spotted a rather sad looking bunch in my local fresh market and thought about all the splendid blooms on offer in Paris.

                                                     Gloriously growing in the parks and gardens ...

                                             Tempting passers by in the gorgeous florist shops ...

Not to mention Jeff Leatham's splendiferous arrangements adorning the fabulous Four Seasons Hotel on the Avenue George V.

Wishing everyone a happy and fulfilling week. x

1 comment:

  1. Hi Joanna,
    This is such a gorgeous post and peonies are one of both my daughters and my favourite flowers, especially the tree peony.
    I love your blog, I will return when I have a spare hour to look through your past posts that look amazingly interesting.

    I have just added your link to my blog list so that everyone else can visit you as well.
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a lovely comment, yes, window dressing does take time, however I don't do it that much, this was really a special favour for two friends who have helped me over the years.
    x Coty Farquhar