27 November 2012

Faces in India

When ever we head off on our travels to far flung places we introduce new sights, sounds and smells to our senses that are often etched into our psyche and on to our memory chip forever.
Years later you only have to close your eyes and let your mind drift back and a particular experience reappears, as if it was yesterday ...
I have found this particularly applicable with faces .... someone who may have greeted you, or in some way simply touched your heart or soul ... or even on the rare occasion where your eyes have met and the vision lingers on.
Connections that are hard to explain, but perhaps are just the chemistry of human beings working at its best, regardless of place or race.
Nowhere is more evocative to me in this way, than that wonderfully assaulting place called India !

After four amazing visits I still remember particular moments and special people with a clarity that can instantly bring a smile to my face, or tears to my eyes.

Here are just a few of these ...

Now this little exercise has left me wanting to return !

20 November 2012

Let there be music !

The world would be a very dull place without flowers and food and music, plus heaps of other fascinating stuff such as people, of course, but today I wanted to post a few of my photos of musicians taken in Paris, so stay with me !

          In the lively street market near the Bastille this happy trio made me smile.

He was an Irish folk singer, it was dusk and I sat a while on the Pont Notre Dame and just enjoyed his melodic voice in this idyllic setting.

On the Pont des Arts with all those lover's locks as mentioned before. The perfect spot for une chanson sur l'amour!

  An old fashioned music box and just look at all those paper recordings behind the player - the ipod is a tiny bit more portable, oui?

                                        Some good ol' Dixie jazz played French style !

                                              Ukelele, wash board and spoons = music and magic!

                   A big, bright and boisterous bunch of buskers play Russian folk songs in the Marais.

                           I liked these cool dudes entertaining the strollers near St Germain.

                                                                This imaginative busker made me laugh ...

                                                       Manet's famous Fifer thrown in here for luck!

                                                       Come cool weather ...

 ... or warm ... you can usually find this terrific old style jazz combo in the 4th or 6th arrondissements as evening sets in ...

 I am always totally intrigued at this delightful lady who is usually dressed in green and dances her heart out as the band plays on ...

Here she is again ... how liberating to be so uninhibited and seemingly oblivious to the gathered crowds - although I have observed she quickly spots any notes that find their way into the collection hat!

 In the Metro at the Louvre and she played so well ! Her little dog seems quite rested too.

 This photo is way over exposed, but I still like this guitar player with his orange socks strumming away down by the Seine.

 Always time for a concert at the magnificent St Chapelle, even if it is just to admire those wonderful windows one more time.

We attended a soiree at the charming Hotel la Belle Juliette in rue du Cherche Midi and enjoyed the skilful playing of pianist, Eric Ferrand N'Kaoua.

                            Piano duets at the glorious Opera Garnier ...

                                Another stirring concert at L'eglise de la Madeleine ...

What a lovely venue for this group of young musicians playing in the rotunda in Jardin du Luxembourg.

Hope your day has some music in it ...