24 October 2012

The Short and Sweet, or better make that The Tall and Skinny!

Looking through my recent Paris albums I came across these couple of photos I took of a model posing for a session at the beautiful Palais Royal.

I guess it is quite obvious that she does not spend too much time at Cafe Pouchkine, Pierre Herme, Gerard Mulot, Jacques Genin, Jean Paul Hevin, Laduree or la Patisserie des Reves ...   

In case you are wondering, they just happen to be a few of the best patisseries in Paris.
Places I have enjoyed perhaps a little too often. 
Oh well, life is short as they say and anyway, my mantra when in Paris is ... be sure to eat a pastry a day!


  1. What I am wondering about is: How did she get legs that long?! Where do you order these?! And truthfully, I think she should indulge in a macaron and a croque-monsieur now and then... :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)