09 October 2012

One may live without bread, but not without roses ...

If you happen to find yourself wandering down rue Saint Honore, pause awhile to admire the glorious windows of the divine Roses Costes.

          Open the door and take a deep breath - the scent is guaranteed to lift your spirits and make your soul simply soar !

                                       This tiny florist shop sells roses, roses and nothing but roses.
                                 Tea Roses, garden roses, David Austin roses, buds, full blown, all colours ...

                                      Now that's what I call a specialty store ... with the emphasis on special.

                                                  This is one place I really did stop to smell the roses
                                                                              Simply heaven on earth !

                                                                  Au Revoir until the next time ...


  1. Well... Being French - and living as an expat - I can't say that it is easy living without [French] bread, but I can see your point when I look at these splendid roses. I can almost smell them! :-) Thank you for sharing... Veronique (French GIrl in Seattle)

  2. Hi Veronique,
    Actually I cannot really live without bread either, but the quote by the French poet and novelist, Jean Richepin seemed to fit !
    Missing those French baguettes too,

  3. I've never had the nerve to enter!
    You give me courage
    and they let you shoot too!

    1. Hi PB,
      I must admit I took the interior shots as no one was in the shop and then when the owner returned I did ask and was told, NON, but that it was OK to take the exterior and through the windows !
      Oh well, I like to think it is good publicity for them ...
      Do enter though - it really is stunning and smells divine. JB