23 October 2012

From Russia with Love

Who would ever imagine a master pastry chef from Moscow could start an outpost of his famous Russian cafe in Paris, the very capital of all things sweet and wonderful.

Emmanuel Ryon has done just that with his little gem, Cafe Pouchkine, which is located on the ground floor of 
Au Printemps.  Sit up at the bar as we did and order a coffee, or a delicious hot chocolate and try and choose just one of the stunning selection ... now that should provide a challenge for you!

These perfectly presented pastries are little works of art with their symmetry and precision and fabulous flavours.

With an abundance of macarons on both sides of the Seine, you could be forgiven for thinking oh, not another one, but it would be a crying shame not to try one or two of these exquisite little numbers. They have just the right amount of crunch on the outside and lightness in the centre and the fillings are so original and interesting - you will want to try them all!

                                                                      A wedding cake with a difference for the bride ...

                                                                          ...  and there was even a  bridesmaid's version!

                                                                           Cafe Pouchkine
                                                                          Printemps Department Store
                                                                        62 Boulevarde Haussmann  8th

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