07 October 2012

Cafe Le Nemours

Is it because it resembles a stage set that makes the Cafe Le Nemours so utterly appealing? 
This famous watering hole is located in the beautiful Place Colette opposite the Comedie Francaise and the Palais Royal in the 1st arrondissement.  With the Louvre so close it could be just another tourist trap, but somehow has held on to its charm and maintained its standards.

An interesting mix of locals and visitors adds to the dynamic and makes for excellent people watching.

The waiters are busy and a little cheeky, but also lots of fun, if you don't take it all too seriously. 
It was a warm day so I ordered a citron presse and sat back and let the world drift by ...

                                Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Cafe Le Nemours looks perfect in the daylight ...

                               But as evening sets in and the lights come on, it presents a truly magical picture ...


  1. A favorite café of mine, while I still lived in Paris. It was fun to see it again tonight, as I am about to fall asleep in my corner of American suburbia. Tomorrow morning, I will be meeting a French student at the local Starbucks. Bless Starbucks, but it just won't be the Nemours! :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Bonjour Veronique,
    Nice to hear from you from one side of the world to another !
    (Seattle USA to Perth Western Australia) Joanna

  3. Again, I've never had the nerve to sit down here
    Passed it too many times!
    A must-do!!

  4. Yes do it PB!
    As I mention, the waiters are quite fun if you play along.
    Such a lovely setting ... JB