06 September 2012

The Last Kizomba in Paris

Forget the tango, they are dancing the Kizomba in Paris !
This sensual dance originates in Angola and has to be seen to be believed !

 What about those legs and the shoes ?

 How about her little finger and his not so little bicep?

That's our photography teacher, Peter Turnley getting up close and personal ...

 On a warm and balmy Sunday evening our photography group strolled down to the banks of the River Seine where we were encouraged to begin our first assignment taking photos of the various dances happening in four different arenas.

 La Salsa, Le Rock and the Cha Cha were also in full swing with a diverse and colourful bunch of happy souls having a blast.

 I loved the way everyone joined in - all ages and shapes and sizes from every ethnic background.
I stayed on for hours just watching and feeling the joy in the air ...

 This woman danced non stop for literally hours, all on her own and perfectly happy. 
At times she came precariously close to the edge of the Quai, but seemed to know just when to turn ...

This adorable couple are Frankie and Clara who are in their 70's. They met 8 years ago and said they are liberated from the steps and just dance! Sure beats the retirement village if you ask me ...

This cool dude is Lucien Lutin and apart from being a fabulous dancer his day job is a golf pro.  
Could maybe teach you a few new swings, Braize ?

Even the audience was a fun mix.

 Warning to Sarah - we are heading down there this coming Sunday evening - a sure cure for jet lag I reckon!

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