19 September 2012

Paris by Mouth

You can join any number of walking tours in Paris, but for something a little different, I can thoroughly recommend the 
Best of the Belly of Paris Tour which is just one of many appealing walks conducted by the Paris by Mouth group.  
( Take a look at their excellent and informative website and blog. )

Our group of six (3 Aussies and 3 Americans) met with the guide, Catherine and set off exploring the various food stores on rue Montorgueil and around the Les Halles area.

First stop was an Eric Kayser boulangerie and a lesson on the best baguette and what makes it so. 
Remember to ask for a Traditional Baguette and expect to pay about 1 euro 25.

 Next stop was the cheese shop.

La Fromagerie was fabulous! So well stocked and clean and run by a charming woman who had loads of personality to boot ...

Sarah was so impressed with the Rocamadour and the superb chevre we had to remind her she had a husband and 
three children at home and that running off with the cheesemaker was not a sensible idea!

The fishmonger was preparing its stand for the day, but still looked great.

 An old fashioned butcher ...

 ... that even had sawdust on the floor - I haven't seen this for a while !

 The various poultry still had their heads and feet so shoppers could easily identify the breed.

Next time you are in Paris try one of the rotisserie chickens and the little potatoes that are cooked under the dripping fat ! Delicious ...

I, for one, was not sad the horse meat shop had closed ...

This guy was feeding his dog his pasta dish - one for himself, one for the dog - honestly ! Same fork too ...

 Stohrer was a Polish patissier who had been brought to Paris to serve the King and then opened this very same shop in 1730. He also created the Rhum Baba which we sampled - yum !

 The original take away food.

 Now, Max, these eclairs were GOOD !

Every day all over Paris trays of beautifully presented pastries tempt the sweet tooths. So much work and detail goes into each splendid piece and keeps alive another of the rich traditions of France.

 Our pate and terrine were purchased here - another fine old shop.

The famous store for cooks / chefs as seen in Julie / Julia the movie about Julia Child's time in Paris. 

 Our final stop was the cave of the highly regarded restaurant, Spring.

 Parcel in their window - let's hope he is still President in a couple of months ...

 Our charming and knowledgeable sommelier, Preven Waran, who shared 4 different varieties of wine with us.  All good !
Best wishes for your wedding Prev ...

Wish our luggage wasn't so heavy so we could have bought a few bottles to share at home.

 To accompany the wine we nibbled on cheese and dribbled truffled honey on the Napoleon ...
Sarah went into raptures and even exclaimed it was the best thing she had eaten in Paris!

 Truly scrumptious ...

 Merci Beaucoup Cat - we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot at the same time. 
Will spread the word down under !


  1. Dear JoJo, please send my wife home before you both explode!

    1. Never fear dear Mickel ... think we have walked most of it off !
      Hope BrisVegas has been successful for you.
      Love Jo Jo x

  2. Dear Jo
    Deb and I had the cooked chicken from that very same butcher
    It was the best we have tasted
    I think we even ate the bones
    Got a serious craving goin on now

    1. Bonjour Lynnie,
      Glad you know what we mean about le poulet!
      Have had the BEST time with the fun daughter.
      Hope all well for you and yours x

  3. Hi Jo & Sarah
    I hope my welcome home dinner for you (and family)of Chicken Cacciatore slow cooked will be able to compete with your last day feast.
    have a safe flight

    1. Braize,
      That sounds perfect - and a husband who cooks is a GOOD thing at any time !
      Lots of love, Jo xx

  4. Hello Jo & Sarah,

    What an amazing food tour - it was great meeting two fellow Aussies, and a fellow blogger on the same tour. I love your post! Please feel free to check out mine as well... just published :) I enjoyed it so much, I booked myself to go on a Chocolate tour on Saturday but with a different group - Context Paris. I'll let you know how it goes...

    Au Revoir, Helen

    1. Hi Helen,
      Thanks for your comment and I also enjoyed your post on your dining nirvana blog.
      Sarah is now home with husband and three children so the cheese maker is safe !
      Enjoy the rest of your stay in beautiful France and do keep in touch,

  5. What a fantastic recap! It really made our day to see that you enjoyed yourself so much on the food tour. Any chance that we might use one or two of your beautiful photographs for our tour description?
    - Meg from Paris by Mouth