22 September 2012

More Parks and Gardens

Continuing on my parks in Paris theme ...

 The Jardin du Luxembourg is always a treat. Loved the autumn flowers this visit ...

The little wooden boats now have different countries on their sails and the children seem to love the competition.

The Quais along the Seine have permanent flower markets where locals shop for plants to beautify their balconies and courtyards.

On the banks of the River Seine there are many little parks in which to pause to read or rest.

The Jardin du Palais Royale is tucked away, but is well worth discovering - I love to stroll through here, or just sit and watch life go by in the pretty garden and around the ponds. Also love the symmetrical trees and chalky white paths - 
so very French.

The Place de Vosges is the most splendid square and so well used by locals and visitors alike. 
Plus it is one of the few places you can actually sit on the grass !

The formal garden at the Musee Carnavalet is right in the heart of the Marais.

And can you believe there is even a working vineyard in a quieter corner of Montmartre ?

These patches of green are so vital in a city that has 2.2million inhabitants in its 20 arrondissements, but as the world's most visited city, also has to cope with an extra 28 million people each year !

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