08 September 2012

Merci et Au Revoir

This morning we met for the final session of our course in the Art of Street Photography.
Peter Turnley, our teacher, Antoine, his assistant and us, the 12 students.

On the first day I had arrived feeling somewhat nervous, just a little shy and definitely intimidated by the equipment and obvious technical knowledge of the group.

But now, one week on, I feel happy and content and most important of all, as if I have made 13 lovely new friends.
And after all, that's what it is really all about in life ...

Thank you Peter for revealing so much more than your amazing work.  Your talks and photos brought me to tears more than once and I will always value the way you shared your stories with humility and compassion. 
You are truly one of life's special people ...

 Thanks Bob for your dignity and I wish you smooth sailing in life. 
It was lovely to meet you too, Jacquie and I absolutely agree about Poilane !

 Thanks Tom and continue enjoying the good things in life. 
Candie, it was a delight to chat with you and share our love of all things beautiful in Paris.

 Leo, you were the cool dude with a caring side that really showed through. I think you would like Australia ...

 Thanks Anthony (AJ) for being such a warm person with a big smile and a good heart.
I hope you can make this next stage in life a time for you ...

 Lisa, thanks for the laughter and I would never have picked you as an accountant ! 
I love your photos too ...

 The Doctor in the House, thanks Bob for your good natured manner and the humour.  Love your photos too.

Thanks Dan for your dry wit and quirky view on life and for being such a good person.

I liked your line  Oh, I was sure I just saw another camera when the guy told you no photos in Paris !

Danke Christian for joining me as the two foreigners in the group!
 I really saw you relax as the week progressed and you telling us you no longer needed to be a boy scout was most amusing !

You made me laugh Patricia ! Continue questioning life and stay strong and brave - from one Piscean to another ...

Gail, thanks for your warmth and for including me at your birthday dinner. 
Hope to see you and Jesse in our wine region one day ... or yours!

Taken just before the gendarmes asked us ( politely)  to leave the bridge with our alcohol - who would have thought in Paris !

 Inga, thanks for your welcoming and inclusive manner and for not taking life too seriously ! 
Best wishes for Anna's wedding too - photos please ?

Merci beaucoup Antoine - may you enjoy life and the wonderful wines of France ...

Wish it didn't have to end - au revoir mes amis  xxx

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