13 September 2012

LV and MJ Exhibition

Today's treat was the Louis Vuitton / Marc Jacobs exhibition at the marvellous Musee des Arts Decoratifs which is next door to the Louvre.

 Present and correct !

 Louis Vuitton had the perfect wardrobe made, but in doll size - sweet.

 A clever display with the clothes x-rayed.

 Now how clever is this folding bed that fits into a LV trunk - brilliant !

 Then it was on to the Marc Jacobs show and tell ...

 From his Hair to Eternity Parade.

 There were lots of interesting photo and video montages showing the influences in Marc's creative life.

 Wow, wow and wow!

As you left a little Barbie doll size Marc Jacobs said Bye Guys.

I have never been that impressed by designer labels, but must say I gained a new respect for the cool and creative worlds of these fashion icons.

As we headed through the Place Vendome Sarah admired the Louis Vuitton windows ...

Later in the day Sarah spotted the special display in the very smart Printemps store, so in all, quite a feast of LV for one day ...

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