11 September 2012

Day One with Sarah in Paris

The past two days have been so warm in Paris and the locals and visitors alike are out and about lapping up the amazing Autumn weather. The streets are alive and buzzing and the cafes are packed .

Sarah and I have walked miles and seen and done so much already ...
Here is just a small sample of our first day showing just a bit of the colour and movement ! 

In the garden of the Hotel Sully, which is not really a hotel !

 Yummy jambon et fromage galettes for lunch at the Marche Bastille.

We found ourselves caught in the crowd at a Jewish wedding.

 More music at the beautiful Place des Vosges.

The Marais was alive with music and happy wanderers.

 Someone had painted the lover's locks overnight - looks kinda cool we think!

 The lady dressed from top to toe in green is still dancing away with the jazz band on the bridge.

The end of a great day with lots more to come ...

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