18 September 2012

Chez Georges

Feeling like an authentic meal in a typical French restaurant, we decided to try our luck, without a reservation, 
at Chez Georges. This discreet little place is tucked away behind the Place des Victoires in the 2nd arrondissement.

With its old wooden facade and cream lace curtains it would be easy to dismiss this as just another unremarkable Parisienne restaurant. What a shame that would be ...

There may be no Michelin stars and fancy decor here, but a warm and friendly welcome and good honest food with a Lyonnaise accent are served up with a generosity of spirit and portion size.

 We were offered a table as long as we were gone by 9pm which was perfectly fine by us after another long day involving miles of walking and climbing stairs.

Bottles of wine are placed on the table and you are only charged for what you drink.
A bowl of little radishes and a basket of the most delicious bread were brought immediately. 
The butter was so good we asked for the name - they brought the packet from the kitchen, but unfortunately it is not available to the general public!

 If you choose the foie gras you can help yourself from a terrine, but we shared a hearty pate followed by entrecote steak and frites with haricot verts all of which were accompanied by a dish of pure bone marrow which proved a bit rich, even for us !

There is an old school charm about Chez Georges and already I am dreaming of a return visit !

 We walked back to our apartment through Les Halles and past the Centre Georges Pompidou where groups of young people were enjoying picnics in the forecourt.

 The Stravinsky fountains are fun and fabulous, even if I have rarely seen them working !

So it's shhh - and Bon Nuit from us in perfect Paris ... X

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