27 September 2012

This time in Black and White

 I am pondering ! 
Colour or black and white ...

I have loved taking photos from the mid 1950's when, at the early age of eight, I was given my first little bakelite Kodak camera.
Back then it was a roll of black and white film and being ever so careful not to waste those precious shots !
I still have a photo I took of the rather insignificant skyline of the city of Perth from the War Memorial in Kings Park - it is a slightly blurry, grey and white sort of example typical of the time. 
There are also snaps of my first cat dressed in a bonnet in a doll's pram - poor creature ! 
There are school friends and family members styled with strategically placed flowers and furniture and my Mum looking the slightly surprised subject when ever I snuck up on her.
It's also fun to look back on photos of the various houses we lived in and holidays we took. 
It was such a thrill collecting the packet of photos, with the negatives tucked in the sleeve, after waiting a whole week to see if any turned out at all.

How all that has changed in the past 50 plus years ...

All my life I have been so influenced by colour and really do prefer to view the world in all its shades and hues. 
So since my photography course in Paris the question of black and white or colour has had me thinking about what works and when and why ...

Really, though, I guess the answer is quite simple - both work ...

Colour brings some photos to life and reminds you of just how it was at that exact moment in time and black and white has a particular aesthetic, shows the finer details and is timeless in its appeal.

Aren't we lucky to have the choice ?

23 September 2012

Paris Album

In my recent Art of Street Photography workshop I was very fortunate to be part of a great group of people, who, guided by our teacher, Peter Turnley, set off each day to photograph moments that caught our eye and captured our imagination.
Here are a few more of my efforts ...

If you are interested in the terrific work of our group go to the website www.peterturnley.com  
Click on workshops
2012 Paris September
View student galleries
2012 Fall NEW 

To see Peter's inspiring work go to Photo-essays 
  The first album Moments of the Human Condition is currently showing as an exhibition at the historic Galerie Agathe Gaillard in the Marais. 
Sarah and I were lucky enough to attend the opening night .

Also take a look at Peter's Personal Photo Album to understand the depth of his work and travels.
 As a Newsweek photographer Peter's work has been on more than 40 magazine covers and seen by millions of people.
He has been at most of the important international news events over the past 30 years and met many of the world's leaders, both loved and despised.
He lives in Paris and New York and now conducts workshops in many colourful cities, such as Havana, Mumbai  and Istanbul.
Peter continues to enjoy making photos of daily life and ordinary people and is currently completing another book called The French Kiss.

On a personal note I have loved the process of making photos from the age of eight, when I was given my first camera.
I have always been intrigued by the beautiful old sepia photos of Mum and her six sisters taken on the family farm out of York by a travelling photographer around 1922.
I also loved to hear the stories my Mother and Uncle Basil told me about my Father's career as a journalist and his desire to get the story.  I still like to look at the photos and read the articles of my Father's journey to Antartica in the late 1940's.

Now this whole experience has made me understand this appeal and appreciate more than ever just how important photography is in our world.