23 August 2012

Sweet Dreams !

And now for something completely different - some photos I have snapped of some very beautiful French beds ...

Marie Antoinette reclined on this elegant day bed as she, no doubt, nibbled pretty pastel pastries ... by most historical accounts she did not actually exclaim  - 
Let Them Eat Cake  - when told the people had no bread, but it certainly makes for an excellent story and a complete justification for her losing her head!

This sweet bed is in the bath room of Marie Antoinette's private apartments at Versailles.

                                        Detail of the gorgeous canopy.

The Queen's bed chamber with its OTT bed in the 
magnificent Versailles Palace.
It is here that Marie Antoinette was forced to give birth with hundreds of courtiers in attendance - quelle horreur ! 
What a life she had - forced to leave her home and family in Austria forever to be wed at just 14 to the teenage Louis XVI only to face the guillotine a month before her 38th birthday.
Taken as I peeked out through the little door located at the side of the bed. Marie Antoinette  escaped through this when the Palace was stormed by the Woman's March at the start of the French Revolution. Her relatively simple private apartment with its secret staircases is behind the grand public areas of the palace.
           A close up of the fabulous silk fabric which was reproduced and woven in Lyon using the original design.

The King's Bed Chamber at Versailles with the words by Coustou written above 
                 France is watching over the King in his slumber.

Made by Edward Hare in 1875 this gilt bronze bed was draped in silk velvet for the infamous 19th century French courtesan, Valtesse de la Bigne.
Now on display at the amazing Musee Arts Decoratifs which is next door to the Louvre.

Decorated in the the style of Louis XV this is the charming bedroom of Nelie Jacquemart at the intimate and special Musee Jacquemart Andree - well worth a visit !

Napoleon's bedroom decorated in typical Empire style. Perhaps this is where he uttered those famous words,  Not Tonight Josephine  !

The Empress Josephine's stylish bedroom at her home, Chateau de Malmaison, which is 12 kms west of central Paris. I can certainly recommend this for a day visit. 
The Imperial Eagle sits on top with golden swans at each side. Her room is decorated in the shape of a tent and the canopy and drapes are quite lovely.

 More visual treats to follow ...

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