09 June 2012

To Market To Market

The street markets in Provence are vibrant and fun with traders who tend to be real characters. The delightful village of St Remy has an excellent market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. 

                                             This is only a small section of the market ...
We visited mid week and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere.

                                       Start with a cafe au lait and a croissant ...
Here are some photos of  just one section that will give you some idea of the colour and movement ... 
            Baskets ...
                                          ... and more baskets

                      ... and there are even more !

                         All fabulous, but I still prefer the traditional French version !

             A tajine always reminds me of my favourite son in law !

                                 Would buy a bit of this if it was possible ...

                      Love these Provencal colours

                         Wish I could have bought a baby olive tree to take home

                             Clothes are cheap and colourful

          Artist at work

         Lovely lavender

          Au Revoir to the St Remy marche for now - hope there is a next time ...

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