09 June 2012

More Market Talk

Somehow the fresh produce in France seems to be full of flavour and taste like you remember it used to.  The street markets are a great way to find quality food and enjoy your shopping at the same time.

                                                                                     Such as these sweet strawberries or fraises

                                                                                                 Melons from Cavaillon

                                                                     Tasty dried fruit and nuts

                                                                       Miniature aubergines

                                        Authentic garlic that is not bleached and from China ...

                                                     The locals use Herbes de Provence on practically everything !

                                                                                      This is the best olive stand

                                                                    Sausage from Arles

                                                                                         Nougat anyone ?

                                                                  I thought the shirt on this Brutus matched his paella !

                                                           Our chef Philippe with an old mate and his pate de fois gras ...

         * Karen and Bill you will be here soon - enjoy ! xx


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