25 June 2012

The Local Cafe

Le petit dejeuner est un debut plus important de la journee ... and on a few occasions I enjoyed the simple fare and unaffected ambience of eating breakfast at a most typical Parisian cafe called Au Chai de l'Abbaye situated at 26 rue de Buci which was close to my apartment.

Warm and welcoming with friendly waiters and interesting locals, you can stand, or perch, on a stool at le zinc ( the bar ) and enjoy a coffee and croissant for just a few euros, or sit down at a table and indulge in the complete breakfast of fresh juice, coffee or tea, an egg of your choice and 2 croissants with butter and jam for 12 euros.
Au Revoir.   Bonne journee !

1 comment:

  1. As hard as I try I can not imagine Van's ever looking like Au Chai de L'Abbaye. A full breakfast for 12 euro (A$15.25) would be nice.