04 June 2012

High Tea in Paris

After a day in the Jardins de Bagatelle admiring the roses and peonies it was time for tea at the lovely George V Hotel .... the warm welcome and friendly staff make this a destination where you can happily relax and while away a few hours lapping up the surroundings and service with a smile.
Not to mention Jeff Leatham's stunning floral arrangements that I raved about big time, in last year's le Blog !


                                         How about these peonies - yes, they are real!
                                Wendy enjoying Paris and its delights as always ...

The high tea was excellent.

         The Princess Pea is happy !

      These purple orchids form a canopy over the courtyard ... pretty special, hey ?


  1. I want to be you!
    That looks sooooooo beautiful!
    The flowers are INSANE!!! We love Jeff!
    S T U N N I N G ! ! !

  2. Agree wholeheartedly with Le Le.... loved the air brushed shot of you, Joey. Looks divine and wish I was there too! xxx