03 June 2012

Frocks to Die For !

The ever stylish Ralph Lauren has a stunning store on the Boulevard Saint Germain where a salad lunch in the pretty courtyard at the restaurant called Ralph's is not really French, but a very pleasant way to sit and write and watch the goings on !

 But it is certainly not the food that brings you here ... it is all about browsing and admiring the five beautifully decorated floors of this former mansion - and then there are the clothes of course !


Makes you also look forward to seeing the costume designs in Baz Luhrmann's new movie, The Great Gatsby don't you agree ?


  1. OMG!!!
    Bless Ralph he does it sooooo well.
    I'll have the grey one on the first change room door please!

  2. Yes, Le Le naturellment - and it would suit you well too ... xx

  3. I will have the beaded gold one thanks and some Spanx.

  4. Sarah, you would look amazing in the gold number, with, or without the Spanx - that made me laugh xx