14 May 2012

Say Cheese !

As I attempt to remain focused on my packing for the land of fromage, my mind is wandering to this little cheese board we were offered last June at the splendid restaurant, Le Grand Vefour in the Palais Royale!

Established in 1784 it has served the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine, Victor Hugo, Cocteau, Colette, Jean Paul Sartre, Maria Callas and so many other famous figures ...
Princess Caroline ate there last week and hopefully we will next week !!

Perhaps you caught a glimpse of this glorious dining room in Woody Allen's recent movie, Midnight in Paris ?

                                                What will your selection be Madame / Monsieur ? 

1 comment:

  1. Yum... so lucky you will be there in a few days. Not sure that is Michelle Bridges approved but she would never be in a Woody Allen movie anyway and I would much rather that and eat the fromage! xx