27 May 2012

Saturday Night in Paris

Firstly, it was off to enjoy a concert at the splendid St Chapelle on the Ile de la Cite with its stunning stained glass windows. Built in the 13th century by King Louis the IXth of France, it remains a jewel amongst the many treasures of Paris.

Then it was a wander through the cobbled streets to the Ile St Louis enjoying the street theatre along the way. Jazz bands, a bubble blower and thousands of happy travellers, both foreign and local, were out on this very warm evening drinking in the delights of Spring in Paris.

 This lady in green is always with this jazz group dancing away, in her own little world ...

 The universal appeal of a simple bubble brings a smile to our faces - and that's a good thing !

                                                       That's one big bubble !

All along the banks of the River Seine thousands of people, young and old, were sharing picnics and making the most of the long evening - it is still light after 10pm - my kind of day !

We found ourselves back in our old stomping ground of the busy Marais and ate a very late - and very typical - French bistro meal at Au Petit Fer A Cheval ( The Little Horseshoe Bar ).  

So concludes another day in Paris ...

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