24 May 2012

Musee Baccarat

 After lunch it was on to the Baccarat museum and shop (!) which are also housed in this former residence of Marie-Laure Noailles, one of the most influential and daring patrons of the arts in the 20th century.

                                 This exquisite ballroom was formerly in a Venetian Palazzo and rebuilt here.

 The Alchemie room is lined with canvas and hand painted by Gerard Garouste. It represents the four elements of Wind, Water, Air and Fire, all required for the process of creating crystal. It is quite stunning!

                                     Sarah, I would have liked to have purchased all of this green crystal for you !

In case you have a hole in your ceiling?

Now that 's what I call a serious chandelier ! 

I know I am a short ass, but this is ridiculous !

A clever seat to rest a while ...

                       Sarah and Michael, thought this might look good in a corner of your new home?

It is just a mere 51, 500 euros !

Or how about a crystal fireplace ? 

That's enough of that I guess, but hopefully you get the idea ?!

Oh, not to forget la toilette !


  1. Hi Fla - stunning, I would like it all especially the coloured glassware and the big chandelier! Looks like you are having fun, xxx

  2. Thanks La - would love to visit there with you.
    Yes, I am having a wonderful time exploring more of Paris.
    Also really loved my photography course.
    Hope you are feeling much better. xxx