19 May 2012

The 'hood

It is fun staying in the lively and lovely 6th arrondissement on the Left Bank of the River Seine. With its art schools and galleries, numerous cafes and unique shops there is a constant buzz on the streets day and night.

This quaint newsagent around the corner sells papers and mags from all over the world.

               This eye catching sculpture was the only exhibit in the Piece Unique Gallery.

                                                     Day ...

 ... and night, the attractive cafe La Palette is packed with students and artists and anyone else who wants to see and be seen, just like it has been since 1903!
We drank in the scene along with our red wine and shared a charcuterie platter - cheap and cheerful and perfectly charming!

Walking home we stopped to enjoy a group of jazz musicians and smiled at the little old lady who danced to each tune, oblivious to the crowd who had gathered.

My lemon / passionfruit gelati was shaped like a flower and tasted delicious and completed a fun night out in Paris.

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