31 May 2012

High on a Hill

After catching the Metro to Abbesses station, which is notable as  having one of the three remaining Art Nouveau entrances left in Paris. Designed by Hector Guimard these ornate structures are so evocative of a gracious time long since gone...

I was met by my fantastic photography teachers from the highly recommended Better Paris Photos Company.



Off we ventured on our day's assignment. Firstly we caught the funicular to Sacre Couer and photographed this wedding cake church from various angles ...

 Then it was on through the Place du Tertre with its paintings of predictable street scenes and obligatory quick portraits offered by the artists - not as charming as it once was, but a Paris institution just the same ...

 Past the alarming variety of tacky mementos on offer for the hordes of tourists that descend on Montmartre each day ... just how many ways can the Eiffel Tower appear on a souvenir I ponder !?

In the back streets of Montmartre we discovered winding cobbled streets and pretty houses with lovely gardens 

- and even a windmill, one of only two left in Paris - the other is the notorious Moulin Rouge of course !

We ate a late lunch in a quaint little retro cafe and chatted happily about Paris, photography - and life in general.
A day of discovering new delights in an area I had dismissed as far too touristy and really has heaps to offer if you know where to look- always a good lesson in life ...


  1. You present a great picture of amazing Paris. thanks inkjet

  2. The Eiffel Tower has had a commercial beating in recent times... where else can they put it! x