24 May 2012

Bliss at Baccarat

Continuing on in the 16th, it was decided we deserved nothing less than lunch at the Cristal Room in the Musee Baccarat !
I will let the photos do the talking,  but when you are next in Paris, just treat yourself is all I can say.
The whole experience cost 100 euros, which included 3 delicious courses with blush pink champagne ( French of course! ), a glass of an excellent white finished off with a dessert wine ( not a sticky as I attemped to ask for in French !!! ) followed by coffee and petits fours ... 
The service was friendly, yet professional and we loved every minute of playing ladies who lunch !

 Loved the blackboard ...

Cheers dears !      

 My entree reminded me of Monet's water garden ! Believe it or not, it was very tasty.

The decor is by Philippe Starck and is pretty and pink and fabulous! 
Here is more of a taste ...


  1. Good Grief - there doesn't seem to be any sign of life in the Restaurant - except for you girls, of course.... It looks extremely over the top! Did you get to see how it was made?

    1. Did the photo bit early in the piece so we didn't look even more "touristy", but it was not that busy as it had been a holiday and locals were away we were told.
      Did you mean did we see the food or the crystal made ? No, to both, but loved the whole experience as you have probably gathered !