27 November 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It has been a busy Sunday spent erecting the brand new 2 metre tall Christmas tree ( our 30 year old worn out tree was retired last year ). This "evergreen" was bought yesterday in the city and carried to the car with some difficulty by Sarah and me. It would be nice if it was like in the movies when a freshly chopped fir tree is chosen and placed on top of the vehicle to be driven through the crisp white snow and decorated as a log fire burns, carols are played and eggnog is drunk !
It is quite a different scene here in Perth with this week's  devastating bush fires "down south", reminding us that we live in a harsh, and sometimes cruel, brown land ...

But Christmas will be here in no time, so out came the boxes ( and boxes ) of ornaments which have been collected for ever, each holding a memory of a year gone by, or a friend no longer with us, or simply a happy moment ...
As I ponder the modern and "decorator" trees so evident nowadays, with their coordinated decorations in colours of blue and aqua, or hot pink and silver, I realise our tree is very traditional and somewhat
old fashioned.
But that's the way I like it !


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