05 August 2011

Fantastic Flora

The "Grass Trees" are native to Western Australia and really are a most unique plant.

Gum trees instantly remind Australians of home ... we all love the smell of the eucalyptus leaves and the look of the "honky nuts".

As a child I thought the white blossom on the gum trees looked like tiny ballerina tutu's ! Reading too much May Gibbs and her "Snugglepot and Cuddlepie" books  perhaps ?

    The yellow flowering gum is so vivid against a bright blue sky.

The ants are loving this pink flowering blossom.

The Honey Eater birds flock to the nectar in the flowers of the Grevillea plants in our garden "down south".

Each year my grandson Max and I hunt to find the delicate Spider Orchid - we have a "secret spot" and feel quite excited when we come across these beautiful native orchids.

The wonderful Golden Wattle is worthy of its role as Australia's national flower .

On a cold and wet winter's night I am thinking that it will soon be Spring and the above flowers will  bloom again ...

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