15 August 2011

A different kind of shutter !

There is a new place to be seen in Bali, especially if you happen to be a  '30 or '40 something and do like being seen !
"Potato Head" is a cafe / club situated right on the beach, but entered via a long road off Jalan Petingetet near Seminyak.

What I really liked was the exterior design with its thousands of old, multi coloured, wooden shutters forming the outer walls - bit of a WOW factor there ...

The interior is BIG and reminds me of an Aussie hotel beer garden circa 1960's, but guess that's the whole idea ? Apparently the owners are two art collectors who also opened a "Potato Head" last year in their home base of Jakarta.

The open bar is pretty cool in a warm tropics kinda' way !

But this was the main reason I would give it a "worth checking out" tick ... spoken like a '60 something who no longer cares about being seen !!

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