01 August 2011

The Daily Wood Fired Bread !

Something special to share with you ...
Far from France and in my own back yard - well, sort of !

A few kilometres out of Dunsborough on the way to the beautiful coastal town of Yallingup in the south west corner of Western Australia, there is a most unique bakery tucked away in a lovely bush setting.

                               Love the flaming fire tiles on the big oven doors and the floor all covered in flour.

Unlike most bread making businesses that operate from 2am for bread ready to sell from 6am, this bakery provides much more sociable hours for its owner and staff with the bread out of the ovens by 4pm and everyone able to leave work by 6pm.
The customers can drive down the gravel road, park amongst the gum trees and purchase the freshly baked loaves, then and there - or find it the next day in local shops and restaurants.

  That's all they sell -  just four types of bread ...
But as our family agrees, it's the best bread we know!

The stone ground flour is sourced from a bio dynamic mill and the dough mix is kneaded for over an hour by imported machines and left to sit before baking. The bread is free of additives, including preservatives, oil and sugar.

We always need two loaves of the Wave - one for later - and one to all tear chunks off on the way home in the car -  straight out of the oven and how bread should taste !

Once you have enjoyed the Valley loaf, so jam packed with dried apricots, figs, sultanas and honey, there will be no going back to other varieties where you need to send out a search party for the fruit !
This bread makes the most delicious toast ...

Hugo is a big fan of the baker, Gotthard Bauer, who moved to the area from Germany eight years ago and chooses to follow the traditional methods of bread making that have been in his family for over 60 years.

 Just around the corner from the bakery we came across these kangaroos happily grazing on the winter pastures as the day drew to a close. The one nearest the camera was a super Big Boomer .
We sat and watched for a while and were amazed when he rose up to his full height which must have been well over two and a half metres!

A little patch of paradise.


  1. We know how much you loooove Gotthard Jo Jo!!! PDA via the blog!!! x

  2. Le Le,
    Thought I had better let Hugo be in the photo in case I looked like a groupie, or something !!! X