17 August 2011

Random in Ubud

At the Banjar feast after the blessing, I liked the little electric fan attached to the bar b q and blowing onto the satay sticks to help them cook!

Even the sweets were wrapped in bamboo and banana leaves ...

            Love the greens of the lotus leaves and rice paddies ...

The daily offerings provide a splash of colour along the footpaths ...

16 August 2011

I am blessed - literally !

My flower and incense basket.

These are all used in the smoking and cleansing rituals.

The local women arrange the offerings.

The Balinese Priest prepares to bless the site.

The innovative John hardy (centre) and his daughter, Elora, with the village leaders.

Note the man in the background with his camo shirt!

Another memorable occasion on my travels ...

Extreme Bamboo !

Who would believe the humble bamboo plant could be used almost exclusively in the construction of the huge house I toured today at the Green Village which is 25 minutes from Ubud on the island of Bali.
 This is a planned community using sustainable principles being developed by the Hardy family who also started the world renowned and neighbouring Green School and the Bambu Indah eco resort where I am currently staying.

If you are interested in knowing some more about these impressive projects just look up www.greenvillagebali.com and www.greenschool.org

                   The front door sets the mood !

This house has just been completed and was designed to the very specific and somewhat eccentric requirements of its female owner, who happens to be a New Zealander

The TV area is the only enclosed space.

The internal walls and doors are made of rice paper and bamboo and look fabulous ...

The hand beaten copper bath sits on a bamboo base in one of the guest bedrooms.

                      Even the furniture is made of bamboo !

The pool is five levels down with the Ayung River below that - this is definitely not a home for anyone with small children - or bad knees !
Interesting though ...

15 August 2011

A Room with a View

This is the quaint little Padi House where I stayed - an authentic old joglo brought from Java.

                           Feeling quite "at home"on the verandah.

     Mimpi Manis ( or sweet dreams )

                The semi outdoor bathroom with simple drainage solution ...

                   Now that's a shower nozzle !

                       Breakfast with this view is a very nice way to start the day ...

Bambu Indah

Staying here is definitely a unique "hotel" experience and not for those who crave bright lights and action. It's back to nature big time as you drift off to sleep with the background noise of various insects and other wild life !




The meeting house is made of black bamboo and comes from East Java.

The natural swimming pond.

The amazing view from the Sayan Ridge is worth making the effort to stay a few nights here ...

High Tea in Bali

Biku is a quaint little tea house / restaurant / bookshop all housed in an authentic 150 year old teak joglo imported from East Java and reconstructed in Petingetet, Bali.

Barbie and I enjoyed the High Tea, but declined the tea leaf reading this time ... who knows what we may have discovered !


A different kind of shutter !

There is a new place to be seen in Bali, especially if you happen to be a  '30 or '40 something and do like being seen !
"Potato Head" is a cafe / club situated right on the beach, but entered via a long road off Jalan Petingetet near Seminyak.

What I really liked was the exterior design with its thousands of old, multi coloured, wooden shutters forming the outer walls - bit of a WOW factor there ...

The interior is BIG and reminds me of an Aussie hotel beer garden circa 1960's, but guess that's the whole idea ? Apparently the owners are two art collectors who also opened a "Potato Head" last year in their home base of Jakarta.

The open bar is pretty cool in a warm tropics kinda' way !

But this was the main reason I would give it a "worth checking out" tick ... spoken like a '60 something who no longer cares about being seen !!