01 July 2011

A Day in London

Caught the Tube from Knightsbridge to Piccadilly Circus on what turned out to be a "scorcher" of a day, as the Poms would say!
             Remember 30 degrees in London feels like 40 at home ...

The obligatory stop at Hamley's toy shop for the grandchildren - this very busy place is now 250 years old.

On down Regent Street to one of my old favourites ...

A tribute to Sir Arthur Liberty - a true innovator in the wonderful world of textiles and home furnishings.

             Note the Converse sneakers on the Guard !

              A good use for any chipped china you may have around the house?

                            In  close up.

      Now these are what I call real "killer" heels !

               A light fitting with a difference ...

The florist shop in the entrance was looking summery and appealing.

A pretty pink posy for me ?   Why yes, please ...

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