31 July 2011

Has to be France ...

Do you agree that certain images immediately transport you to a particular place ?

30 July 2011



Just because I like these photos I took in the stunning Jardins de Bagatelle ... 

28 July 2011

Cafe Scene

A quick snap of this oh-so-typical French cafe, Le Nemours, as I walked through the Place Colette  in the 1st arrondissement just near the beautiful Palais Royal and the Comedie Francais.
 Angelina Jolie sipped coffee here in the movie, The Tourist - apparently - not one I wanted to see !


Shutter Bug ...


I love shutters !
Especially the old wooden ones you see all over Paris and the surrounding countryside of France. 
Painted in those soft chalky shades of blue, cream and green they add such charm to the buildings and also prove to be practical.

26 July 2011

A Picture for the Day

There was something about this formation of chairs that caught my eye and captured my imagination as I strolled through the Tuilleries on a sunny day in Paris.
I like the shadows too ...


21 July 2011

A Bouquet for You

                  Enjoy your weekend,
                      From Jo with love !